Healthcare Uniforms – What they mean to patients

I remember being in the hospital the last time I had some major stuff happen in my life. It was like I was in another place, a sort of out of body experience. I spoke, but it was as if I was just watching a puppet regurgitate my thoughts into words. I would never have made it back from that scary place were it not for the nurses and doctors who helped me regain my health and find myself again.

Sometimes, it’s not just the person who helps you regain your health. Rather, it’s what they stand for. Health, community, love – these some of many things that healthcare workers stand for. One might ask what the symbol for all of this is. A red cross? Two snakes intertwined? These might be universal symbols, but for me, it was the uniforms for healthcare providers.

It may sound silly, but that is what I remember most about that stay in the hospital. I had trouble remembering faces, voices, names. But I knew that when a nurse walked into the room wearing her uniform – she was there to help me. That uniform garnered my trust in the person and in the system, and it was through this trust that I got better.

When it was over, I thought about buying some scrubs of my own and shopped here:

I could not be one of these heroes myself, but I respect them for what they did for me in my time of need.

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Protect Your Kids at Home (and keep them entertained)



It’s important to protect one’s family, especially when it comes to children and teenagers. To do this, you might want to get a home security system. One company, Home Security Easthelena offers such a service. They advertise a free offer – a security system at no cost with just a $99 installation fee and registering for their alarm monitoring service. This monitoring is by ADT, runs 24 hours per day and starts at $35.99 per month. Packages include two-way voice, basic with Keyfob and a Cell Primary option. Each has a slightly different pricepoint with different options for service.

Of course, such a security system will keep your teen from sneaking in and out of the house at night. So, you might as well offer him or her some entertainment to relieve their potential boredom. Direct TV available at will help you with this dilemma. Hook it up, protect your home and keep your teenager home… and safe. Of course, you’ll want to monitor your channel selections and consider putting locks onto some of the stations to prohibit your kids from watching the stuff that’s meant for Mom and Dad.

To sum it up, protect your home with a security system, and keep your kids happy when they’re home, with a satellite TV system.

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Fire and Flood Insurance

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

Did you know that most insurance companies don’t automatically include flood insurance? I didn’t know that, and I’m telling you guys because I got in quite a pickle a few years back when my entire basement flooded due to the heavy rains – it nearly ruined my foundation! It costs thousands of dollars to fix and since I didn’t specifically have flood insurance, I wasn’t covered at all. Yeah. So you’d be best to make sure if you’re in a flood zone, you get insured – that way you won’t need to worry about it once disaster strikes. I also have an alarm system through that alerts me if there’s any flood activity on the property which makes me feel more prepared altogether. Once something like that happens to you you won’t want to trust anything to fate. There’s only one way up from there, though, and things start to look better after just a few days of dryness! Floods are awful but there are a lot of ways to prepare for them.

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Depot antipsychotic drugs. Place in therapy


The pharmacokinetics of depot antipsychotic medications are such that an intramuscular injection given at intervals of from 1 to 4 weeks will produce adequate plasma concentrations that are sufficient to prevent relapse over the dosage interval. Such medication is useful in patients who do not reliably take their oral medication. The pharmacokinetics and clinical actions of various depot formulations of antipsychotic drugs have been extensively studied. Unfortunately, patients who do not reliably take their oral medications are unlikely to volunteer for controlled studies. This is because the same factors that influence a patient to not cooperate with the physician in taking the medication as prescribed will also interfere with their willingness to volunteer for research protocols. Thus, evidence from blinded controlled trials may not necessarily reflect the actual patient population at risk. We feel that particularly important evidence of efficacy of depot vs oral medication comes from mirror-image studies. In these trials, the number of hospitalisations after initiation of depot medication is compared with that observed when the patient was solely taking oral medication. Studies of this type show that depot medication substantially reduces the rate of relapse. There is considerable evidence about how long depot medications should be used. For many patients, depot medication to prevent relapse in schizophrenia should be used for the life of the patient. As the conventional antipsychotic agents are replaced by a new generation of agents, the need for depot formulations will continue, and the knowledge gained about the current formulations should transfer to future generations of drugs.

Davis JM, Matalon L, Watanabe MD, Blake L, Metalon L [corrected to Matalon L.

Department of Psychiatry, University of Illinois, Chicago.

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Retail HCG diet drugs are frauds, FDA warns

Retail versions of a popular weight-loss aid that contain trace amounts of a pregnancy hormone are a fraud and are being sold illegally, a top Food and Drug Administration official said.

The FDA’s stance comes after months of hype about the HCG diet and could affect its availability for purchase online and from other retailers.

Consumers in recent months have flocked to the diet, which supporters describe as a weight-loss miracle when combined with a 500-calorie-a-day regimen. Hundreds of people who have shed weight on the controversial diet offer testimonials on websites and social media.

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Ohio is latest U.S. state switching drugs for executions

(Reuters) – Ohio is the latest state in the U.S. to switch drugs for executions, after a U.S. company bowed to European Union pressure and stopped making a preferred drug.

U.S. states that allow the death penalty are scrambling to line up an alternative following the announcement by Hospira Inc. of Illinois last week that it would stop making sodium thiopental, an anesthetic used for lethal injections.

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Too many drugs for teen mental patients?

too many pills

too many pills

A new paper in the Wisconsin Medical Journal questions how frequently juveniles are being prescribed psychiatric medications in the state. The researcher, a child psychologist at Rogers Memorial Hospital in West Allis, reviewed 200 admissions to a state mental health facility in Madison. He found that for many of the boys, an important part of their treatment was weaning them off the multiple medications they had already been prescribed.

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